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A Magical Weighted Blanket that gives your little ones the gift of sleep

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Utterly Cozy Weighted Blanket For Kids

Snug your little ones in ZOALA and make bedtime the best part of the day. The
most comfortable weighted blanket is coming soon.

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Natural Deep Sleep

Feels like a warm hug all night. Helps kid relax and sleep longer.

Happy Days

Better sleep makes everyone happy and blissful.

Joyful Feeling

A cuddle from ZOALA is magical and comforting.

It's all about the Science!

When your little one is upset, sometimes all they need is a big hug, and it turns out there is a scientific reason why. Our weighted blankets use the science behind deep touch pressure therapy which helps to release the neurotransmitter serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer that helps reduce anxiety and promotes deep sleep. Research says 14% of kids sleep better using a weighted blanket. 

High Quality Weighted Insert

Comes with a box quilt design which keeps the glass beads from shifting

8 Reinforced loops for the cover

8 loops on the blanket can be attached to 8 ties inside the cover to keep the weighted insert in place.

Machine washable cover

Easily wash the cover but we do not recommend to wash the insert.

Double Stitched Seam

For increased durability and strength.

Ultra Durable Zipper

Long Lasting Zipper

Non-Toxic Glass Beads

We use Hypoallergenic and odorless glass beads instead of plastic palletes


 comes in 3 styles!

All Features available in all styles. We don't want you miss out on the 30% Discount.

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Fun & Vibrant Designs

Comes in 3 designs for all age groups. 

  • Unicorn print - 100% Cotton with reversible minky dot fabric
  • Dinasour Print - 100% Cotton with reversible minky dot fabric
  • Green Silver Solid Color - Soft and Silky Bamboo fabric

7 Layers of pure coziness

We use the most advanced sewing technology, highest quality materials and a unique structure to provide optimal temperature control and unmatched breathability.

See what our customers say

I am so Happy!

“I gave my grandkids the Zoala weighted blanket as a gift. It was a huge success. I am so happy. They love the design and their mom loves the quality and they sleep sooo well. What a blessing.” 

- Maria G.

Best Purchase Ever Made!

"I had tried so many things that I was getting a bit hopeless. It was the urging of my friend that I gave Zoala a try. Not only are my kids sleeping through the night but they have grown attached to the blanket and the cutest Koala Bear that comes with it"

- Angela

Highly Recommend!

"Its the complete experience from unboxing to sleep. We got the weighted blanket with the sleepy Koala Bear and the story book. We still read that story most nights adorable. Highly recommend!"

- Daryl


 comes in 3 styles!

All Features available in all styles. We don't want you miss out on the 30% Discount.

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