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4.5 Reviews
I got one of these for my granddaughter for her birthday. It has been a hit with everyone who has tried it!

Based on 93 reviews
Awesome swings and the best customer service

We received the best customer service that we could ask for. We wanted to get this swing for my 2 years old who is very sensitive and always on the move. But we couldn’t find the right color so We contacted the shop and they shipped one for us from their store in Canada. Unfortunately it came with wrong color, contacted the shop again and they then sent us correct one shortly after without wanting us to return the wrong color one. The swing is very beautiful and buttery soft in person. My toddler uses it everyday. We can tell that our kid got so much more calm, less frustrated.

Lots of FUN for my twin grandsons! Highly recommend!

SAVOIZ Sensory Swing_Blue
Danielle Mueller
Fun while it lasts

The swing is beautiful and my children really enjoyed it. It was very regulating for them. We received our first one, and within days, it had a tear in the middle of the fabric. Their customer service was awesome and they eventually sent us a new swing. Within about 2 weeks, the new swing had a similar tear in the middle of the fabric. We don’t allow our kids to wear jeans or shoes in it. We don’t allow them to take toys into it. My children are way below the weight limit, so it’s pretty frustrating. We decided not to repurchase.

SAVOIZ Sensory Swing_Blue
Daneen Peterson
Stop researching and BUY THIS for your kids!!

My kids (5 and 6 yrs) LOVE their swing!!! It has been the best gift we could get them. Even after having it for 6 months, they still play in it DAILY! The new-ness hasn't faded away. They frequently make up new "tricks" and even use it as a rope to climb to the top. It's surely meeting their vestibular sensory needs. I did a good bit of research before purchasing and settled on the Savoiz mostly because of the quality fabric they use. When I inquired about their 95% premium cotton material they said their "swings independently tested to meet SOR certifications which includes testing for lead, Phthalates, heavy metals and flammability." This is great for this all-natural mama! Couldn't recommend this swing enough!

Great for indoor play

We have it in our living room and the kids play on it all the time. My two year old and twelve year old but enjoy it.

I bought two of these. They are holding up well and the kids love having swing in their rooms. It has been great for my oldest. He constantly needs to be doing something and this has been perfect for him.

Kids favorite

Hands down our kids favorite indoor activity, we need three more!!! They tell Alexa to set a ten minute timer and take turns flying all around the basement on the swing even our two year old!

Love this swing

My 4yo got this for Christmas and uses it everyday and loves it. Best toy purchase we’ve probably ever made. Definitely recommend

Recommend to anyone who has a child that has experienced trauma

Our adopted daughter doesn’t even realize she is receiving therapy when she is swinging and helping her body calm down because it is fun, normal and enjoyable.

Kids love it

Kids love it!

Wonderful swing for whole family!

Great product, well designed.

Awesome, scored big with this gift!

We love this swing. I bought it for my grandson for Christmas and he uses it daily. Much much laughter included! Perfect gift from grandparents- a major hit (we installed an eye bolt directly into a ceiling stud for safety).

Love it

My Grandchildren love this! Highly recommend!

My kids are obsessed

My kids love this swing! Made for the best Christmas gift. They legit use it daily since Christmas 2023 and sometimes still fight over it lol (and by sometimes I mean all the time lol) I may have to buy more lol

Savoiz Sensory Swing - Off White
For Little Monkeys Charity
Such a perfect addition to a sensory playroom!

We are repeat customers and love the Savoiz swings! We purchased them for our own children who have benefitted from them greatly and will continue to incorporate them in our sensory playroom projects for other families.


Perfect for kids of all ages! No issue with tearing

The biggest hit of Christmas

Bought this for our granddaughter who LOVES IT and when we visit, there are at least 4 kids in her room taking turns swinging on it. It was the biggest hit of all the gifts this holiday. Our grandson wants one for his next gift.

Amazing quality and customer service

Fantastic product for our many sensory seekers, we have a toddler that loves to spin and an older ASD child that likes to caving and swing. Meets both their needs. Doesn't stretch out as much as the single layer fabric ones we have had in the past (this is a bonus for us as we don't have to adjust the height so often). We had a missing piece, contacted customer service and they had the piece out to us next day! Absolute rave for their top notch service!

Never received my package tried contacting the merchant and Shopify with no responses


This is a great product. Came with good quality hardware for hanging. It's soft and durable. Perfect for sensory gross motor needs. My kid is loving it!

Savoiz Sensory Swing - Off White
These were great! The grip on them was way better than expected!

The assembly wasn’t the easiest. But overall it’s really sturdy and my kids love it!

My kid loves it

Best thing ever

Our daughter loves the swing! ❤️

Durable and safe

I did lots of research looking for the perfect sensory swing for my ASD child and I did! It is durable and safe. Very easy to put together. Also bonus you can remove the fabric to wash from time to time. It has not even moved or loosen from all wiggling and swinging my kids do on this swing. I would like to buy another for my oldest. I highly recommend this product..

Best gift!

My daughter is OBSESSED with her swing. Everyone that comes over LOVES to play with it. I am strongly considering getting another one. I want an adult version! - not like that‚ get your mind out of the gutter!